The mall can be a place for great people watching, fast food and shopping. But it can also be a place where we get lost in the hustle and bustle of our commercial world! Thankfully, little Chloe is here to make everyone remember what’s truly important in life: love and friendship.

This sweet little toddler sure knows how to make someone’s day a bit brighter with her big smile and a friendly wave. Dad watches with pride as she stands in the mall, greeting each and every person that goes down the escalator.

Chloe is so adorable – it would be impossible not to smile and wave back at her!


This adorable interaction began when Chloe was at the Copley Place Mall in Boston with Dad. Instead of merely shopping around and walking the seemingly endless walkways in the mall, what did the tot want to do? The only item on her agenda was to wave and say “bye” to the people going down the escalator, of course!

Dad filmed quietly as she stood behind the glass wall, which overlooks the descending steps. As each person or group of people hopped on – Chloe was there to wish them a friendly farewell!


Chloe spent several minutes smiling at complete strangers and waving wildly! This was her version of Heaven and Dad didn’t have the heart to drag her away. And why would he?

Seeing his daughter so happy to interact with others was inspiring – but it wasn’t just her actions, it was the strangers’ reactions that warmed his heart. Time after time, people would grin back and yell:


Instead of hiding in his shell, he was going to reach out more often. If Chloe could do it, so could he!


While many of us would assume the mallgoers would ignore Chloe, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Handfuls of people who heard Chloe’s voice or saw her wave said “hi” or “bye” back. The very best part of this video is watching their expressions.

Almost every single person had a twinkle in their eye when they spotted Chloe! It seems as if Chloe is learning that sometimes even a small act of kindness can go a long way.

You have to watch her mall-waving extravaganza from start to finish!


Take a peek at this sweet moment for yourself. What a wonderful little lady, inside and out!

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