Minnesota resident Luke Soderling was traveling with his family on November 30, 2017, when he saw a distressed owl caught in a barbed-wire fence.

“Oh boy, he’s in rough shape,” Luke told his wife, who was filming.

Luke took two towels from his car and gently placed them over the bird so he wouldn’t get spooked. Using pliers, he carefully cut the barbed wire on each side of him while holding onto the owl.

“It’s OK, buddy,” Luke whispered to the animal. As Luke placed the owl on the snowy ground, he noticed just how badly the owl was hurt. The barbed wire was wrapped in his left wing and he had blood all over his feathers and beak.

“I don’t think he’s going to be flying away,” he told his wife. He used the pliers to cut away the fence as best he could, but left a few inches of the wire in his wing because of how tangled it was.

Luke tightly wrapped up the owl and taped the towels together to keep him bundled. Luckily, the dad knew of a local animal rehabilitation center that could properly care for the owl and get him ready to go back into the wild.

Once he placed the bird into the car, he told his kids that they were going to save him!

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