On May 1, 2018, New Jersey resident Tayeb Souami bought a bottle of orange juice for $5 at his local grocery store. The 56-year-old resident of Little Ferry, New Jersey returned home, but his wife quickly instructed him to return the juice. Apparently, it was on sale for half the price at another store. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

Tayeb heeded his wife’s request and headed back out to return the orange juice to the same ShopRite in Hackensack. When he walked up to the customer service counter, the brand new sign advertising the latest Powerball instantly grabbed his attention. The winner would receive $306 million.

On a lark, Tayeb used the refund he was issued for the orange juice to buy two Powerball tickets.

The following day, he went to get his car washed and decided to make a quick pitstop at the nearby 7-Eleven to check his lottery tickets. The first ticket he scanned was a dud — but when he scanned the second ticket, he was alerted to see the cashier.

At first, Tayeb thought the machine was broken. The cashier scanned the ticket and said, “Oh my God.”

Two hours later, Tayeb’s hands had finally stopped shaking enough for him to drive back home to his wife.

“What took you so long?!” she asked.

Tayeb broke down in tears as he showed his wife his lotto ticket…

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