Ben and Sarah Thistlethwaite were already the proud parents of a little boy when they discovered they were once again pregnant. However, little did they know that their house was about to get even fuller than they expected. It was during Sarah’s 3rd ultrasound appointment at 19 weeks that the technician delivered the news. She told them that there were in fact two babies – which left the couple completely shocked! But that wasn’t the only piece of interesting news she had…

Ben and Sarah learned that their baby girls were actually Mono Mono twins, which meant that they shared the same amniotic sac, as well as placenta.

This is so rare that it only occurs 1 in 10,000 births! Since Sarah’s pregnancy was considered high risk she was forced to stay in the hospital for nearly two months. But then finally came the magical day for her baby girls to come into the world. And how they did had everyone’s eyes going wide.

They say that identical twins are really close, but the Thistlethwaite girls took it to a whole new level. When Jenna and Jillian were born they actually arrived holding hands! There’s no doubt it’s a sign they’re going to be best friends for life. Watch the video below to see the incredible photo – and also to hear more about their “rare” birth.

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