For couples trying to welcome a baby into the world, the news of pregnancy is the most exciting words ever! One minute, you’re an adult who only had to worry about yourself. The next, you’re picking out baby furniture and teeny, tiny onesies.

Sadly, parents of Rainbow Babies, or those who suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss, never get to use those items for their little ones. This tragic reality is exactly what Valerie Watts from Cokato, Minnesota was forced to endure after the stillborn birth of her son, Noah.


For more than a year, Valerie struggled with the loss of her precious baby boy. She clutched to his unworn clothing, sobbed in his bedroom and kept his tiny crib in perfect condition. But as the time passed, Valerie knew she would need to get rid of Noah’s belongings sooner or later.

So, Valerie planned a garage sale, posted fliers and waited. Valerie prayed people would pour in and take the painful memories away from her home.

She couldn’t stand the sight of her boy’s untouched belongings for another second.


Just a few hours into her garage sale, a man named Gerald and his wife stopped by to check out the goods. The eyed a few small items, but Gerald’s attention remained fixed on Noah’s never-used crib. He could use the wood to make something stunning for his own house.

But, after Gerald and Valerie settled on the price, she and Gerald’s wife got to talking. What his wife discovered about the reason behind the garage sale changed Gerald’s plans right then and there…


His wife noticed all of the little boy items and decided to ask Valerie about how old her son was – that’s when she revealed the truth. As soon as Gerald’s wife revealed the truth behind Noah’s untouched crib once they were back in the car, Gerald knew it wasn’t his to keep.

He told Fox 9 News that the crib was meant to stay with Valerie:

“We decided on our way home that this [crib] was going back.”

But instead of turning around and delivering the crib in the same condition, Gerald decided to do something absolutely incredible with the materials.


See Gerald’s heartwarming gift to Valerie in the video below. What an amazing gesture to a grieving mother!

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