Baby are new to this world, they are curious about anything, but because of these lack of knowledge about the world, most of them couldn’t differentiate between day and night time. Thus, this cause them to having multiple naptime during the day and easily awake in the night.

When they were awake in night, you would have to attend for them and gently patting them and try to put them to sleep again. This might be even frustrating when they are not drowsy and not tired enough to get sleepy. In the following video, it show a simple trick to put the baby to sleep in 1 minute. First, you need to avoid straight eye contact with the baby so that you were not cuing the baby to play with you. Next, gently soothe the baby and leting them to feel relaxed and sleepy. Do notice that you shouldn’t use too much force when patting the head and being gently enough so that you don’t hurt them in the process.

If you do it properly and your baby is truly drowsy, this video may help you out in letting your baby have a good night sleep.

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