Deep in the heart of a poverty stricken residential area in Romania lies a single pile of rubble that was once a home. If you were to visit, you might walk by and shake your head, not realizing that a human being lives inside, a human being named Ion Negrila.

Officials have approached the home to offer government assistance or relocation to a facility equipped to handle senior citizens, but has declined both offers. Negrila’s broken down shack is where his loving wife passed on and had suffered from a fire in 2006.

Those who know Negrila, such as his brother and people that worked with him at the Chirigui plant factory nearly two decades ago, say that is a withdrawn person. Perhaps, the elderly man wants help but has too much pride to accept it.

The authorities had tried all they can think of to get the man to leave. They approached the house with inspectors saying the domicile is unsafe and preached that his health can’t take the poor conditions.

Negrila would simply smile, wave, and shut the door on them. The old man’s story was posted to Facebook and not long after, a few young men saw the posting and new they had to do something.

They worked small side jobs and somehow managed to raise 1,000 euros (about $1,172). It’s not much, but it didn’t end there either.

They knew they couldn’t buy the man a home for that price so they focused on instead building him a home. They used the money to clean an open area, build a strong foundation, and place a freight container in the clearing.

With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, they transformed the iron prism into a home by cutting windows. They filled it with furniture, and stocked his new cupboards with food and water.

Even the young men themselves were surprised at how far their 1,000 euros went. Negrila was elated and had the biggest grin on his face as the men showed him his new home.

He was absolutely astonished at the kindness of complete strangers after a life that had shown him nothing but hard labor and pain.

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